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32, My Way

Well here it is. 32myway. Really excited to get going on this ’32. Just gathering and ordering all the parts needed for this build. @tavishighlander did an awesome job on the rendering of what I wanted. Got some neat ideas for this roadster, I just wish it was done already. I want to drive it…

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Bonneville Racing News 2013

Speed Week 2013: After many months of work to make all the necessary changes and with a brand new engine built by Kenny Duttweiler, we went up to the salt flats in August 2013 to make a few “shakedown” runs before going back in October with Mr. Butler. We definitely benefited from having a couple of…

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Bonneville Racing News 2012

Speed Week 2012: A year for realization and change – after 2 consecutive attempts to set a record in the F (180 cu in) blown modified roadster class resulted in complete failure; it was decided to make somemajor changes. The owner (Rhett Butler) decided to allow us to change to a completely new and different engine/trans…

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Bonneville Racing News 2011

Kugel Gen III Hits The Salt! 2011 Bonneville Speed Week was all about the next generation. Not Joe & Jeff – they’re old news, not even Jerilyn – she’s real old news – we’re talking about Jourdin Kugel, youngest daughter of Jeff & Stefani Kugel and Jerry’s second oldest granddaughter. After achieving our fastest speed…

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Bonneville Racing News 2010

Well, we made it back for the October 2010 meet – didn’t make the August meet this year – too much work left to be done on a new car build for a customer from Texas. The new car was a rebuild of an old salt car from the 70’s. So we were able to…

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Bonneville Racing News 2009

It’s absolutely crazy how fast time flies, it’s been a year and a half since we drove our little suede black hot rod (it’s actually one of our own custom built “Muroc” roadsters, this one is #5 of 10 full fendered less the fenders & running boards) to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Anyway, we thought…

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