Line Clamps

Kugel Komponents’ stainless steel hold down clamps are available in a variety of configurations and sizes — singles, doubles, combination, standoff and more. Our clamps are routinely used by top car builders to secure items like hard lines, hoses, cables, and wire looms. We have something to fit nearly every application. Made of Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel, each package includes stainless steel 10/32 button head allen screws at no extra cost. 18 sizes to fit your special applications.
Line Clamp Facts
  • All Kugel line clamps are stamped from 12 ga 304 stainless steel. That is over .100 thick.
  • All clamps come with screws, 10/32″ x 3/8″ button head allen style in stainless steel.
  • All clamps are sold per package, one size per package. No mixing of sizes.
  • These clamps are designed to fasten your lines against an object i.e., frame rail, fender panel, firewall, etc. The size of the clamp is the I.D. of the clamps, which equals the O.D. of your line, hose, cable, etc. Whatever the O.D. of your line, that is the clamp size you need. Example: 3/16″ clamp I.D. = 3/16″ – 3/16″ stainless steel hard brake line tubing.
Some other popular hose sizes and what clamps size to use:

  • -3 stainless steel braided hose – 1/4″ clamp
  • -4 stainless steel braided hose – 5/16″ clamp
  • -6 stainless steel braided hose – 1/2″ clamp
  • -8 stainless steel braided hose – 5/8″ clamp
  • -10 stainless steel braided hose – 3/4″ clamp
  • -12 stainless steel braided hose – 7/8″ clamp
  • 5/8″ heater hose – 7/8″ clamp
  • most battery cables – 1/2″ clamp
  • 3/8″ rubber fuel line – 5/8″ clamp

The newest style of clamp for Kugel Komponents is our separator clamps. These are only available in the 3/16 double and 3/8″ double sizes. There are 4 different styles in each size. There is a top and bottom for each style, they are sold in pack of 3 (3 tops & 3 bottoms with screws & nuts also all stainless steel). No mixing styles.

Single Line Clamps Size Diagram

Double Line Clamps Size Diagram