Bonneville Racing News 2011

Kugel Gen III Hits The Salt!

2011 Bonneville Speed Week was all about the next generation. Not Joe & Jeff – they’re old news, not even Jerilyn – she’s real old news – we’re talking about Jourdin Kugel, youngest daughter of Jeff & Stefani Kugel and Jerry’s second oldest granddaughter.

After achieving our fastest speed in 2009 at 225mph, in 2010 we attempted to go for broke with a more aggressive cam, more boost & more horsepower, only to blow a head gasket on the first shakedown run. 2011 we decided to back up a little bit, put a stock type cam back in, lower the boost and let Jeff’s daughter Jourdin drive the car, get her license and give her a chance to see what it’s like to drive a race car at 200mph on the great white dyno.

After running successfully at 123mph, 139mph, 167mph & 183mph, she was ready for the full 5 mile course and to go as fast as that little car would go. She did not disappoint. The kid had it to the wood from the 3 mile on and achieved a 5 mile exit speed of 205.691mph. Needless to say it was the best Speed Week Jeff has ever been a part of and the future of the Kugel Family Racing Team with many of Jourdin’s cousins waiting for their chance is in good hands.