Bonneville Racing News 2012

Speed Week 2012: A year for realization and change – after 2 consecutive attempts to set a record in the F (180 cu in) blown modified roadster class resulted in complete failure; it was decided to make somemajor changes. The owner (Rhett Butler) decided to allow us to change to a completely new and different engine/trans program. Still wanting to stay in the small engine categories – G (120 cu in) & F, we decided to remove the twin turbo charged small block Chevy and automatic trans and go with a single turbo charged Chevy 4 cyl Ecotech engine and a 5-speed Jericho transmission. We would also be changing our entire computer system, going with a Motech system and also switching to the fuel class and run straight alcohol. Needless to say, Speed Week 2012 was a challenge.