Bonneville Racing News 2009

It’s absolutely crazy how fast time flies, it’s been a year and a half since we drove our little suede black hot rod (it’s actually one of our own custom built “Muroc” roadsters, this one is #5 of 10 full fendered less the fenders & running boards) to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to run it and see if we could go 200mph. Well, we all got our turns at the wheel, even daughter Jerilyn, who has never sat in a race car in her life got a 187mph. We all got to drive it and by the end of the week we were over our 200mph mark – 201.191 to be exact. Then back to the pits, removed the tonneau cover & windscreen, race tires & parachute, installed the windshield, street tires, license plate and as planned, drove it home (at 17 mpg) – mission accomplished! Now lets go faster next year…

Well, it’s a bit late, but here’s an update of what we did at Speed Week 2009…. Jerilyn went back to better her time and drove to a speed of 215mph, then Jeff got in the car and drove it to a speed of 221mph, but of course, Jerry got in the car to show the kids how it’s done and took the car to 225mph! And once again, drove the car home.

This car has Kugel Komponents independent front and rear suspension and is built to be driven. The engine is an LS Chevy with a Magnuson Super Charger, the trans a 400 turbo.

Just a super &mdash road worthy — drivable 200 MPH street roadster. As a Kugel Komponents Dealer you can feel proud to be associated with such a great company ---- A company that proves their parts work and work very well. For additional information please contact any of the Kugel’s at the shop at 562-691-7006