Chrysler Hemi Manifolds

Meet the newest additions to our manifold stock - Chrysler Hemi Manifolds!

Our new Ductile cast iron Dodge Hemi exhaust manifolds are finally ready and super excited to see them come out really nice!

They, I believe came on the Dodge pickup trucks, but I’m no Chrysler expert. But being a tight tuck center dump manifold, makes it a great street rod set up too!

These fit the following engines:

  • 1951-55 331” engine
  • 1956-57 354” engine
  • 1957-58 392” engine

and also the New Hot Heads aluminum 392” heads that they are making.

They retail for $750 a set.

Also available is a collector kit which is a 3/8” steel flange with 2 1/2” hole with gasket and hardware is $45.00 and a graphite/steel core manifold gaskets for $29.00. So a complete kit is $824.

Call 562-691-7006 or email to order.
Made in USA! 

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